Services and benefits

Scouting - Brainstorming

we discover demands, gaps, opportunities, innovation, new ideas and concepts

we offer and facilitate brainstorming session

we are your critical but loyal "sparring partner"


we analyze and define expectation, offer and perception; facts and emotions of your food chain partner and customer

publication potato market (part1) , publication potato market (part2)

we make complex matters easy to understand for the public ("less is more")

we develop brands and simplified communication strategies


we offer relation/event support and create growing confidence

we initiate and facilitate food chain relationship and cooperation

we mediate conflicts and crises between stakeholders based on apreciation and respect, to create win/win.

publication FHM (part1) , publication FHM (part2)

publication Behr Verlag (food crisis management)


we develop new concepts, implement projects and monitor status quo and progress ("sustainability challenge")

publication of Bayer CropScience " Green world project" (engl. version)



we provide technical advice, coaching and a sustainability compass

we optimize input/output ratio and reduce waste and losses


INNOGY/RWE - Smart agriculture     Project for sustainable use of water


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