Dr. Ulrich Zillekens

I am an agricultural entrepreneur with a PH.D in agriculture and a degree in marketing, advertising and communication.
In addition I served Bayer CropScience for more than 25 years in different management positions of sustainable agriculture and food production. Among others I played an important role in developing the “food chain partnership” concept of Bayer CropScience.
From my own experience I understand quite well the meaning and potential of close food chain cooperation. On the other hand I know about the various difficulties of implementing and living a good partnership between often very diverse stakeholders.
Therefore the initiation and mediation of food chain cooperation is one of my key activities with the objective to create appreciation, confidence and added value for all involved partners.

Publication of Bayer CropScience "Working together for mutual success"


c/o Dr. agr. Ulrich Zillekens     
Degree in advertising, communication, marketing

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